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Collections: Exhibits & Displays

Within the Museum are several exhibit cases depicting life in Lake Country. The patent medicine exhibit provides insight into medicine from years gone by; the Okanagan Indigenous artifacts case demonstrates impeccable craftsmanship. Additional Museum displays depict our lives at home and at work, telling our community story.

The Museum has remote displays at George Elliot Secondary School, Oyama Community Hall and in the lobby of the Municipal offices of the District of Lake Country at 10150 Bottom Wood Lake Road, Lake Country. Heritage Markers are located in each of the four wards of Lake Country, and along the Okanagan Rail Trail.

Our volunteers strive to create exhibits that leave you pondering about society and understanding our community.

The Fashion Fallout exhibit was designed to highlight some of the negative aspects of fashion. It was hosted at George Elliot Secondary School from September to December 2019. The exhibit was created in support of the 2019 Lake Country Art... [Continue Reading]

The District of Lake Country office display case highlights the impressive Harvey Collection of Entomology. The collection was donated by Mr. Ed Harvey, who began collecting in 1945 and over the years collected thousands of specimens. A custom exhibition case was... [Continue Reading]

The current display at the District of Lake Country office highlights the Wentworth cabin. Situated on the museum grounds, the cabin is open to the public during museum hours. It was constructed and lived in by the Wentworth brothers, Cyril... [Continue Reading]

‘Tea Time’ is the current display at the District of Lake Country offices. There are English and Asian tea pots and tea cups. A number of interesting tea tins from the Lake Country Museum’s collection are also included. Tins from... [Continue Reading]

The display at the offices of the District of Lake Country celebrates Canada’s 150th year of Confederation. It features maps showing the changes to the country, from pre-European contact to the current time. On display is a copy of a... [Continue Reading]

We dug into the Museum toy box to fill the current display at the District of Lake Country Offices. It includes vintage games such as Pig in the Clover, Dominoes, and Autobridge Junior. Featured toys in the showcase are a... [Continue Reading]

Gray Monk Estate Winery is the oldest Lake Country winery, having been established in 1972. Numerous others followed, including Arrowleaf, Ex Nihilo, Intrigue, 50th Parallel, Blind Tiger, and Living Water. The current display at the District of Lake Country offices... [Continue Reading]