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Collections: Natural History

The District of Lake Country office display case highlights the impressive Harvey Collection of Entomology. The collection was donated by Mr. Ed Harvey, who began collecting in 1945 and over the years collected thousands of specimens. A custom exhibition case was... [Continue Reading]

If you’re looking for an interesting way to spend an hour in Lake Country try taking the Heritage Driving Tour. The tour features thirteen heritage locations as well as optional stops at wineries and points of interest. The tour can... [Continue Reading]

The current display at the District of Lake Country office supports the exhibition, The Okanagans and their Neighbours: An Exhibition of the Okanagan Syilx People at the Lake Country Museum. The exhibit opens on January 22nd and runs until March 19th, 2016.... [Continue Reading]

The Okanagans are the indigenous people of the Okanagan Valley — the Syilx people. There are eight member communities within the Okanagan Nation. They are, from north to south: Upper Nicola Band, Okanagan Indian Band, Westbank First Nation, Penticton Indian Band, Upper... [Continue Reading]

Many pioneers of Lake Country raised chickens to supplement their income and food supply. This month’s display at the municipal office features vintage egg scales, chicken leg bands, a brooder thermometer, and ‘Ful-o-Pep’ feed sack. There is also a Farm... [Continue Reading]

This deer head is especially interesting and valued because it has a drop tine. A drop tine describes a mature buck that develops an abnormal antler growth late in life. Instead of growing upward a drop tine will grow down... [Continue Reading]