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Collections: Backward Glances

Backward Glances is a series of articles originally written for the Lake Country Calendar (and later, the View in Lake Country) by Richard Gibbons, a long-time resident of Lake Country.

Every so often we receive gifts that are extraordinarily special, and many of the most appreciated don’t come with a hefty price tag. They usually come from very special people. Some of my gifts this year were the much treasured ... [Continue Reading]

November 11th is fast approaching. For some, it’s just a day off with scant regard for what it really means. For the “boomer generation” and those who have followed, the tragedy of war, although never forgotten, seemed so long ago... [Continue Reading]

News stories on the growing crisis in global food supply have to be taken seriously. We are told that even Canada, one of the bread baskets of the world, will be impacted, initially with rising prices. When we walk into... [Continue Reading]

Another Christmas so long awaited has come and gone; no more carols on the radio, nor cheery greeting cards at the post box. After devouring huge plates of  turkey and dressing, followed by pumpkin pie and rich pudding, all in... [Continue Reading]

One of the most notable changes during my lifetime has been in communicating with friends and family.  We have largely moved to an electronic world from what was once “hard copy”. Following the death of our parents my sister Sharon... [Continue Reading]

If we tried to characterize each month of the year in just a few words June might include words such as “endings” and “beginnings”, “hope” and “optimism”.  June is after all, the month with life’s most significant events… graduations and... [Continue Reading]

Even though we grew up in a small, rural community we still had our dreams and at least for some, the opportunity to pursue them. So it was, forty-five years ago, for three young men from Lake Country. I know... [Continue Reading]

While writing a recent column  re-visiting the joys of fishing, past and present, my mind naturally drifted back to another of my youthful passions, hunting. Our dad was a hunter, mostly for the moose and venison which was our main... [Continue Reading]

Pretty Road …. what an appropriate name for a road that provides a panoramic view down to Wood Lake and across to Wrinkly Face. I was saddened to hear that the family for whom it is named lost their patriarch... [Continue Reading]