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Curriculum Support Material

The Lake Country Museum & Archives has developed Social Studies lesson support materials and resources for grades 1-4 based upon the history of Lake Country and the Okanagan. These documents were designed to follow the education curriculum guidelines established by the BC Government ( They are available for the use of all educators, teachers, and parents. 

The aim is to create an awareness of the rich local and regional history as required in the current curriculum and to build a greater attachment to our community. 

Additionally, the Lake Country Museum & Archives may provide guest speakers, an opportunity for field trips and additional educational resources to help meet your educational goals and needs.

Grade 1  Grade 2
Grade 1 – Girls Day Word Doc
Grade 1 – Girls Day Powerpoint
Grade 2 – Jane Swallwell Word Doc
Grade 2 – Jane Swallwell Powerpoint
Grade 1 – Irrigation Word Doc
Grade 1 – Irrigation Powerpoint
Grade 2 – Stagecoach Road Word Doc
Grade 2 – Stagecoach Road Powerpoint
Grade 1 – Farms Word Doc
Grade 1 – Farms in the Okanagan Powerpoint


Grade 3  Grade 4
Grade 3 – The Oyama Isthmus and Canal Word Doc
Grade 3 – Oyama Isthmus and Canal Powerpoint
Grade 4 – Commonage Word Doc
Grade 4 – Commonage Powerpoint
Grade 3 – Syilx Tools and Technology Word Doc
Grade 3 – Syilx Tools and Technology Powerpoint
Grade 4 – First Contact Word Doc
Grade 3 – Kikinee Fishing Word Doc
Grade 3 – Kikinee Fishing Powerpoint

Link to accompanying videos:
Links to individual videos can be found in the word document of the respective topic. 


Which Bird Might I see today?

Written by Pam Laing, a guest blogger for the Lake Country Museum & Archives.
Her publications identify the variety of birds you might encounter in the Okanagan area. They feature beautiful photography and insightful information.  Click the photo to see the full publication. 






Our Publications

The Lake Country Museum & Archives in partnership with the University of British Columbia is providing free digital copies of All Aboard, Apple Valley and A Century of Community – our Japanese ancestors. Perfect for homeschooling, research and pleasure reading. Click on the image below to read our latest publications. Hard copies available for sale.

Apple Valley: A Century of Fruit Farming in the Okanagan