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Archival Collection Policy

Statement of Purpose:

  • to collect and preserve materials that pertain to the establishment and development of the area known as Lake Country, both before and after incorporation, and to activities within these geographic boundaries. This may be extended to areas having a relationship or identification with Lake Country.
  • to store, preserve, arrange and describe these materials according to archival principles

Collection Scope and Activities:

  • collects unpublished historical material including: textual records, photographs, maps, plans, recordings, audio and visual recordings including oral history recordings
  • adds current material under special circumstances
  • adds books and printed materials under special circumstances such as subject matter relating to Lake Country
  • accepts all material only on a permanent basis,  as the property of the Lake Country Heritage and Cultural Society
  •  determines if material is no longer relevant to the Archives, at which time it may be deaccessioned

All information pertaining to deaccessioning and disposition will be retained in the Archive records.

  • reproduces archival materials in the form of photocopies, photographic or electronic reproductions, as needed, for research and conservation purposes
  • provides access to all individuals and groups wishing to use the materials, unless restricted by legal requirements, prior written agreement with the donor, or if a determination has been made that access will endanger the material
  • promotes and enhances access through research assistance, access and storage agreements with other institutions, and appropriate application of enhanced storage and retrieval methods

Unless otherwise determined by the Board, archival decisions are the responsibility of the Archivist or designate.

After Board approval, the Archival Collection Policy will be reviewed and updated every five years.

Board Approval August 2012