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 A Dedication of the Kobayashi House

September 17, 2022

On a lovely September Day Virginia and Peter Palma kindly hosted a gathering of Kobayashi Descendents to dedicate their beautifully 
renovated home to the Kobayashi family. This kind gesture was appreciated by four generations of the family, who were represented at this lovely celebration.
We were welcomed and found it so meaningful to reconnect with our memories of this lovely place and to share them with our families.  
The house built in 1889, a house before its time, built with central heating and indoor plumbing on two stories.  We were regaled with stories of how the Palmas and their builder succeeded in retaining some of the old structure and building onto it to make it the most magnificent home it is today.
Hiro and Denbei Kobayashi bought the house and fruit farm from the Purvis family in 1924.  They raised their seven children there, Sigh,  Aiko (Hori), Yosh(Mende) , Hiroshi, Sachiyo(Koyama), Osam, and Susan(Hidaka).  Sax, Sachiyo, and Sharon Koyama moved into the house in 1955 to nurse Hiro, who sadly suffered a stroke and was bedridden.  All family members visited frequently, building memories of the home and yard. After she passed away in 1960, Denbei sold the house and was able to make three trips to his beloved Japan, which he left in 1906 to build a life in Canada. He passed away in 1968 at the age of 89.
The supportive community and the Lake Country Museum have helped keep the history alive for generations to enjoy.  
His brother Kizo and his wife Ikue lived further up Camp Road.  The two families have remained close, and we were blessed with having representatives from the family join in on this amazing event.
On behalf of the Kobayashi family, thank you Virginia and Peter, and to all who attended from near and far, thank you!
By: Sharon Hope


  • Thank you to the Lake Country Museum for your support in keeping the history alive for us and for future generations.
    Thank you to Rich Gibbons for his kind words at the celebration on behalf of the Museum, and the community.

  • The Museum is doing a good job of keeping history of the area alive. I am sorry that my final retirement destination is Victoria and thus not able to participate in the work. With many fond memories of growing up in Vernon, spending much time in Oyama at the Pinehurst Ranch (OW Hembling purchase the home in 1917), and retiring to Coral Beach for thirty years, I very much enjoy the Museum blogs. My youngest son attended Grade 5 in the Okanagan Centre School (1980-81) and my brother attended the Oyama School (1940-41). I am not sure what year it was, but a favourite story by one of my uncles was his driving a team led wagon of fruit to OK Centre when Sigh Kobayashi, about 5, hitched a ride down Rainbow hill.

    Keep up the good work, Archive Committee

  • what a lovely tribute to the Kobayashi family!

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