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Collections: Newspapers & Periodicals

Free weekly paper serving Winfield Oyama Okanagan Centre North Glenmore & Ellison. Press run 4800. Publisher and Editor Paul Fisher. Holding only random copies. Published in early 1980s.... [Continue Reading]

Formerly “The Lake Country Magazine” Free. Delivered every Thursday. First issue April 3/2003. Publisher/Editor: Ruby McPhate Holdings: Complete... [Continue Reading]

Complete set of issues from 1980 to present. Random copies to 1979 including some copies of the newsletter published by the Winfield Women’s Institute. Volume 1 #1 was published in February 1951. In March 1973 the Winfield Women’s Institute published... [Continue Reading]

Published by Terry Robertson from June 1999 to April of 2000. There are two volumes in two different formats. Missing issues 2 3 4 5 & 7 from Volume 2.... [Continue Reading]

Originally published every second Thursday. Press run 6000. Free. Publisher and Editor Terry Robertson. Later delivered to 5100 households every Thursday. Free. Holdings: Complete Sept.1996-Dec.2003... [Continue Reading]