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Collections: Exhibits & Displays

Within the Museum are several Exhibit cases, e.g. the Patent Medicine exhibit; Okanagan Indian artifacts. More extensive exhibits that can be created in the museum or on-line are Exhibitions. All are created by curator, Dan Bruce.

The Museum mounts a Display in the lobby of the Municipal offices of the District of Lake Country at 10150 Bottom Wood Lake Road, Lake Country. These displays are created by Museum volunteers Karen and Glen Gibbons.

Other Displays are the Heritage Markers located in each of the four wards of Lake Country, and along the Okanagan Rail Trail.

The Okanagans are the indigenous people of the Okanagan Valley — the Syilx people. There are eight member communities within the Okanagan Nation. They are, from north to south: Upper Nicola Band, Okanagan Indian Band, Westbank First Nation, Penticton Indian Band, Upper... [Continue Reading]

Movember is over! The current exhibit at the District of Lake Country offices features 70 glass Christmas tree ornaments. Most of them are molded glass and hand-painted. Some of the ornaments have interesting shapes including cones, bells, a fruit basket,... [Continue Reading]

The display at the offices of the District of Lake Country is titled Movember, in support of men’s health issues (Movember Foundation). There are photos of several men with ties to Lake Country’s history. These men sport a variety of... [Continue Reading]

‘Hit Parade’ is the current display at the District of Lake Country office. It contains recorded music in several forms including Edison cylinder gramophone recordings, 78, 45, and 33 1/3 rpm records, cassette tapes, and CDs. Elvis Presley and Frank... [Continue Reading]

The latest display at the District of Lake Country office highlights the Central Okanagan Hall of Fame. Newspaper clippings featuring former Lake Country resident, Don Arnold, are displayed. Don helped power Canada to its first ever gold medal in rowing... [Continue Reading]

Sometime-British Columbian resident Major Charles Sydney Goldman, a “self-made” man, was caricatured by Spy (Leslie Ward) in Vanity Fair in January 28th, 1904. One hundred and ten years later, an exhibit and discussion featuring this historic figure was held at the... [Continue Reading]

John Wesley Arnold was one of Lake Country’s early pioneers. He was born in Belleville, Ontario in 1871 and married Lucinda ‘Cindy’ Yott in New York, where they had met while working at a hospital. The young family moved west,... [Continue Reading]

‘It’s a New Year’ is the latest Museum display at the District of Lake Country offices. Seven framed calendars from years past are featured. The oldest has a woman’s portrait and is from the Casorso Brothers in 1921. The others... [Continue Reading]

Remember climbing monkeys, tin windup toys, and plastic pop-up clowns? A collection of vintage toys is now on display at the District of Lake Country showcase to encourage you to reminisce about Christmases past. Several items, including dollhouse furnishings, were... [Continue Reading]