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British Columbia

How did one travel from the Okanagan to the coast in the first decades of the twentieth century? Crossing the coastal mountains was no easy task. The Dewdney Trail, connecting the South Okanagan to Hope, had been built during the Gold... [Continue Reading]

British Columbia’s first Family Day will be held on the second Monday in February, making the date for the first Family Day this Monday, February 11, 2013. As we prepare for this celebration it is interesting to think of some of... [Continue Reading]

“On February 29, 1904, the province enacted the Act to regulate the speed and operation of Motor Vehicles on Highways, which required motorists to have displayed on the vehicle their registration number so as to be plainly visible at all... [Continue Reading]

Dr. Duane Thomson, Associate Professor Emeritus of UBCO, will examine the development of the mixed-ancestry population in New Caledonia during the fur trade and gold rush eras in relation to Supreme Court rulings regarding which individuals qualify for aboriginal rights in... [Continue Reading]