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Kierann Temlar is the 2020 Arnold Award Recipient

Kierann Temlar, 2020 recipient of the Arnold Award

This year’s recipient of the Arnold Award is Kierann Temlar, a recent graduate of the George Elliot Secondary School in Lake Country.

Kierann’s strong drive and passion for learning make him an excellent recipient of this award. Kierann has always been interested in different fields of study from science, to philosophy, to history. Kierran will be attending UBCO in September to peruse a major in Physics. In addition to studying physics, he plans to also take additional university courses related to Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, and History to help him develop a well-rounded point of view on a diverse array of disciplines. Kierann loves to learn interesting new things that he can share with others.

After graduating from UBCO Kierann has big plans to become either a physicist or science communicator. If given the opportunity Kierann would like to explore a role in politics. Overall, he has a great passion for learning and knowledge of all kinds. We are optimistic Kierann’s work ethic and ambition will lead him to success in whatever career he chooses.

Kierann would like to extend his thanks to the Museum and its donors for their generosity in granting him the Arnold Award.

As the recipient of the Arnold Award,  Kierann Temlar follows: Cass Hannay, Alexandra McAllister (2017), Alex Ireland (2016), Lauren Kim (2015), Julie Klingner-Jardine (2014), Rebecca Watson (2013), Lucas Anderson (2012), Robert Abel (2011), Kayla Stinn (2010), Julianne Marriott (2009), Diane Kalis (2008), and Leland Crowther (2007).

Lake Country Heritage and Cultural Society’s Arnold Award is named in honour of Jane and Gilbert Arnold, two Lake Country residents who contributed greatly to their community and specifically to the Lake Country Museum & Archives.


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