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My grateful thanks are extended to all contributors, without whose co-operation this field guide would never have been possible.

Dr. Katherine I. Beamish, Professor Emerata of Botany, University of British Columbia, gave advice and helped identify plants; Dr. Fred R. Ganders, Botany Department, UBC, provided an initial favourable review, slide identification, and invaluable advice; Mary Lou Tapson-Jones and the late Jim Grant assisted in plant identification. I am greatly indebted to Carol E. Thompson, plant ecologist, not only for plant identification but also for many hours checking slide identification, for many constructive suggestions, and for partially editing the manuscript. Special appreciation goes to Wayne Wilson, Kelowna Centennial Museum, who volunteered his personal time to prepare the illustrations and study area map. Thanks are due Gusta Holland, for preliminary typing of the manuscript, to Charles and Margaret Hayes who prepared the first draft, and to the Kelowna Centennial Museum, which provided access to its herbarium.
Joan Burbridge, Kelowna, BC