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Transporting logs to the Munson and Simpson mill

This is the third in a series of blogs exploring the logging history of Lake Country, this one focussing on transporting logs to the Munson and Simpson mill in Winfield in the 1927-9 period. Large logs were preferred because the end-use was to make knot-free Applebox shook. These large logs were either rolled up a ramp or lifted with a tripod-like structure to build the load, both operations requiring horse pulling power. Then they were hauled out by truck or tractor.

The following photo, from the S.M. Simpson Collection, is of an Anthey wagon hauling logs to the Winfield mill. Note both wheels and tracks on the wagon, suitable for rough and often wet logging roads.






The S. M. Simpson photo below shows a heavily loaded Day-Elder truck is on its way to the Munson Simpson mill at the bottom of Beaver Lake Road.






My next blog will be on my family’s logging and sawmilling operations in the 1950s.


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