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This day in history: Kalwood Inn / Resort closed

December 11, 1985: The Kalwood Inn and Resort was closed leaving Oyama without a local restaurant.  On March 18, 1987, the local landmark was demolished to make way for the widening of Highway 97 through Oyama.

Kalwood Inn
Kalwood Inn, early 1950s
Matchbook cover from Kalwood Inn
Matchbook cover from Kalwood Inn

The Kalwood Inn was the only business left in Oyama when B & M Grocery (owned by Ben & Marg Kissenbach) and the Oyama Garage (owned by Gus Reich) properties were purchased by the Highways Department. At the time of those closures, Eric and Diane Metcalfe, owners of the Kalwood Inn, said that they would carry milk and bread after the store was gone.


  • Interesting note and pictures. Will you add it to the map of 1985?

  • Good idea, Sonja. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • I remember it well…it was a gathering place for the orchardists for coffee. Susanne Nairne is still in Oyama and the Metcalfe’s were here parents.

  • Hi, I would like to connect with Eric’s daughter Suzanne. We were friends.

    • Hi Don,

      I have passed your request on to Suzanne.

  • As one time owner and operator of the Oyama Garage and failing to take photographs, I am wondering if anyone has pictures of the building and Tow truck. Copies of These would be much appreciated to pass on to my family who grew up in that wonderful area!
    Thank you for posting my request.
    Yours truly;( Mrs.Gus .) Pauline or Polly Reich

    • You may want to join the Facebook Group: Lake Country Reflections and ask the members.

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