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The Isaacs Family of Rainsford Ranch, Oyama, BC

Nancy Josland Dalsin

In 2018 I was working as a volunteer at Mackie Lake House in Coldstream researching some of the artifacts.  One of the artifacts that I was researching and trying to provenance was a beautiful, wall mounted artists jewel case designed by the famous Victorian period architect and designer  William Burges  The case was a gift given to Grace Mackie from a wealthy lady named Madame Léa Isaacs of Rainsford Ranch in Oyama.  It is likely that the gift was given to Grace to show appreciation and gratitude for the care that was given to her only grandson Richard Marcel Lancelot Isaacs who died of polio during the pandemic of 1927 at the Vernon Preparatory School owned by the Mackie Family.   I found the Isaac family to be both fascinating and eccentric and continued to research them.  Here is their story.  

The Isaacs Family of Rainsford Ranch, Oyama, BC



  • Fascinating story and well researched. Thank You.

    • Thank you Reg Volk!

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