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Have you seen the Balsamorhiza sagittata?

Arrow-leaved Balsam rootLook to the hills! Currently covering many of the Okanagan hillsides is the beautiful yellow Balsamorhiza sagittata  (Arrow-leaved Balsam-root), more commonly known as the Spring Sunflower. The heat of the spring sunshine has brought this beautiful landscape to life.

Information about this local flower can be found in a concise guidebook, Wildflowers of the Southern Interior of British Columbia, written by local naturalist, the late Joan Burbridge. This, and other local information, is available online at Living Landscapes Thompson-Okanagan on the Royal British Columbia Museum (RBCM) website.

Unfortunately the RBCM has not maintained this valuable wildflower website so “Searching” the site is difficult. However, “Browsing” the 335 wildflowers gives one a broad view of the wildflowers native to the Okanagan Valley and information pertaining to each.

Check out this wildflower website and enjoy the beautiful natural history that surrounds us.



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