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A Tragic Event

“We are sorry to record the death by accident of Mr. A. [Arthur] Chatterton, of Alvaston [Winfield]. The accident occurred about noon on the 2nd. Mr. Chatterton was alone in the old Pearcie shack, which property he had lately bought, and was thawing out powder and preparing fuses for stumping operations. A terrific explosion was heard and one of the neighbors saw the roof of the shack blown high in the air. Two boxes of powder exploded, so that as may be imagined, very little is left of the shack. Mr. Chatterton’s body was found after a short search in the creek some yards away. Mr. Chatterton was very well known throughout the neighborhood, and greatly respected as a genial, good-hearted man. We shall certainly be voicing the feeling of his friends and neighbors in expressing sorrow for his untimely death, and sympathy for his widow.”

Robert Hayes, Director of the Lake Country Heritage and Cultural Society, submitted this article which was reported in The Vernon News, December 5, 1912, page 6.



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