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Paved with good intentions. The roads of Lake Country

“The book Paved with Good Intentions (The Roads of Lake Country) began as single paragraphs identifying the individuals after whom each road was named. However, one paragraph would not have done justice to the interesting characters and wonderful stories relating to our early pioneers for whom the roads in Lake Country are named.”1

The Roads of Lake CountrySo begins the new publication by Margaret Carruthers in which she explores an interesting and important aspect of the history of Lake Country.

Carruthers provides a brief history of Lake Country and the early trails and roads in the Okanagan and follows that with an alphabetical identification of the roads in our District. Some descriptions are one paragraph but most are fully developed over a number of pages. Many historical photographs add to the accounts.

This book is for sale at the Lake Country Museum & Archives for $20. Carruthers, a longtime volunteer at the Museum, is kindly donating $5 of that amount to the Museum.

1 Carruthers, Georgina M. Paved with Good Intentions. The Roads of Lake Country. Printed by UBR Services, Lake Country, BC, 2016. ISBN# 9878-0-9950721.

Margaret Carruthers
Margaret Carruthers


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  • Hi Margaret,
    It’s been so so long. Hope all is well with you. Congrats on writing this book. Let me know how you are.

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