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Mystery Curlers: can you identify these men?

CBC Radio host Josh Pagé was interested in the photograph featured on last week’s blog post on the mystery curlers on Kalamalka Lake. After speaking with Duane Thomson, chairman of the the Lake Country Heritage and Cultural Society, Pagé arranged to have Thomson interviewed on CBC’s afternoon show Canada West.

To listen to this interview by Rebecca Zandbergen go to the Canada West website and Listen to the audio for Mystery curlers: can you identify these men?


  • While I can’t ID the 4 men personally, I did find an article in the Enderby Press and Walker’s Weekly (via UBC Historical Newspapers) which lists the members of the Enderby Curling Club of 1918; these folks would have been fairly close by, so it *might* be one of these men. Or not!

    Charles Oppertshauser
    FS Stevens
    James Evans
    FB Dill
    William Jones
    H Mowat
    RW Patten
    EJ Mack
    H Teece
    SH Speers
    C Reeves
    HW Keith
    PJ Farmer
    WG Pell
    HM Walker
    WH Scott
    James McMahon
    Douglas Dow
    CC Fravel
    EB Dill

  • Thanks Jason.

    We’ve had a lot of interest in this photograph. Perhaps some of the names that we receive will match up with one of these Enderby curlers!

  • The Vernon Museum also has this photo in its collection. The curlers left to right are as: Walter Rea; Henry Irvine; Charlie Moore; Rev. A.V. Despard.

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