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Life Histories. Historical Manuscripts of the District of Lake Country

The Lake Country Museum has mounted its manuscript digitization project, Life Histories. Historical Manuscripts of the District of Lake Country, on its re-designed website, This project makes forty-eight Museum manuscripts available, and searchable, on-line. It also allows these manuscripts to be downloaded in PDF format.

These manuscripts are located in our COLLECTIONS area but can be found in various ways. Go to COLLECTIONS & EXHIBITS > Archives and then to Local & Family Histories or Manuscripts if you would like to see all of the titles, or go to the SEARCH bar to search for a particular name or keyword.

Online users who are not beginning their search from our website can use an Internet search engine such as Google and enter search terms such as  “Lake Country Goldie” or “Oyama Trewhitt” or “Okanagan Centre Irrigation” or “Kalamalka Lake Amory Ranch” or “Lake Country History” (or other keywords). Because these search engines are worldwide in their application, searchers will need to use a geographic identifier to bring these titles to the top of the search list.

The Lake Country Heritage and Cultural Society (Lake Country Museum) is appreciative of the funding provided by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. This project has made valuable historical information about the District of Lake Country available online.



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