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Volunteers in Lake Country

I visited the United Church-sponsored thrift shop the other day and when I opened the back door I was greeted by a veritable “Santa’s workshop” of folks, sorting, labelling and displaying all manner of donated items. What tremendous value they bring, in terms of recycling goods and providing affordable clothing and household items to families in need.

Folks with another organization, WALC (Walk Around Lake Country), are devoted to making Lake Country accessible to pedestrians and cyclists, to both residents and visitors. WALC is currently collaborating with the District of Lake Country, the Lake Country Rotary Club and numerous local businesses to provide safe access for students and residents from Bonnie to Lodge roads.

Over the years, the Oceola Fish and Game Club has worked diligently to save our kokanee-spawning habitat, to benefit future generations and us. The Lake Country Art Gallery has an army of volunteers and they engage in programming to benefit young and old and to support our local artists. The Lake Country Food Bank accepts donated food from local businesses and individuals and redistributes it to the needy. The Lake Country Museum employs the energies of more than two dozen volunteers to save, preserve and display out documentary and physical heritage and to bring museum programming to Lake Country. What a range of volunteer organizations!

The Lake Country Museum and Archives is heavily dependent on our volunteers who perform so many vital tasks, from preserving and accessioning artifacts and archival documents, arranging exhibits, helping to organize lectures, cleaning and maintenance, to gardening and yard work. And let us not forget that Board members are also volunteers, contributing countless hours in executive functions. I am so proud of the team that we have built at the Museum.

I want to recognize two Museum volunteers who recently passed away. Peter Nott has for a number of years volunteered with special events such as exhibitions and Centrepiece. We miss the wonderful, friendly demeanor of Peter Nott. The other volunteer who passed away is Rose Marie Moore, who volunteered clipping newspaper articles, arranging subject files in the Archives and setting up exhibits in the Museum as well as general maintenance. She spent five years assisting at the Museum and made good friends here. Both Peter and Rose Marie will be honored during our Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon on April 27th (11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.).

Lake Country has many wonderful volunteers. We would like to thank these people for their invaluable contribution to the Lake Country community, and it seems especially fitting to do so during this particular time — National Volunteer Week, April 21st – 27th, 2013.

At this time Lake Country Heritage and Cultural Society volunteers include:

Lucas Anderson, Penny Baughen, Lynne Blake, Miriam Bowles, Tory Braun, Sharon Brooks, Geoffrey Broughton, Dan Bruce, Ruby Buick, Margaret Carruthers, Rosemary Carter, Kyle Fitzpatrick, Eleanor Geen, Glen Gibbons, Karen Gibbons, Richard Gibbons, Celine Gorham, Elise Hahn, Sandi Harder, Robert Hayes, Mike Jervis, Shannon Jorgenson, Zach Kornell, Anne Land, Harvey Leamont, Sharon Laing, Harvey Leamont, Sonja MacCrimmon, Shirley McDonald, Addie Maehara, Andrew Miller, Lisa Mortell, Vicky Mulholland, Laura Neame, Nancy Netting, Ann Nott, Elaine Pybus, Faye Stowe, Ward Strong, Jim Taylor, Carol Thomson, Duane Thomson, Tom Turner.


  • Congratulations on your article on Volunteers, Carol.
    They are truly what makes our Community tick.
    Joyce Short

    • Thanks for your comments, Joyce. I fully agree with you — our community couldn’t exist without all the dedicated volunteers!

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