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How well do you know Lake Country’s history?

Next week is Heritage Week. Take the following quiz to test your local historical knowledge.

1. What year did the Oyama canal open?

2. What was the name of the first post office in Winfield?

3. Which brothers developed the town site of Okanagan Centre?

4. Who ran “The Store” in Okanagan Centre until after WWII?

5. What year was the CNR completed from Vernon to Kelowna?

6. Who was the long-time manager of the Rainbow Ranche?

7. Which Japanese-Canadian family was the first to settle in Winfield?

8. What family ran a resort at the southwest corner of Wood Lake?

9. What is the local name for the long hill ascending from Woodsdale to Oyama on the east side of Wood Lake?

10. In what decade was the Commonage established?

Answers will be posted on the Blog tomorrow but in the meantime, post your answers below. (Note: the Search function on this website will assist you if you’re checking for facts. Regular Blog readers will have a leg up with this quiz.) 

Good Luck, and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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