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Kal Lake trail plan underway

A proposed trail along Kalamalka Lake is in the works.

The Regional District of the North Okanagan is investigating development of a trail from Okanagan College to Crystal Waters Road, near Oyama.

“It’s a plan in progress,” said director Bob Fleming, who is promoting the concept.

Kalamalka Lake viewed north from Crystal Waters Road
Kalamalka Lake north towards Vernon from Crystal Waters Road in Oyama.

Fleming would like to see construction start this year, but a price tag has not been finalized yet.

“Because most of the right-of-way is there, it could be relatively low cost,” he said, adding that it may be possible to access senior government grants.

If the trail proceeds, Fleming envisions it ultimately linking with the old highway along Wood Lake [Pelmewash Parkway] once the new upper level Highway 97 is open.

“It would be a natural connection for a cycling route,” he said.

Source: Richard Rolke, The Vernon Morning Star, March 24, 2013.

Photograph: Carol Thomson


  • This is wonderful news. The trail along Kalamalka Lake will follow along portions of two of the original highways connecting Oyama to Vernon. This will be a world class attraction and it will encourage locals to hike or cycle all, or part of, the way to Vernon.

    This project is significant because of the proposed trail comes very close to connecting with Pelmewash Parkway, thereby completing an off-highway cycling and hiking trail from Main Street in Lake Country to downtown Vernon. Only one short section, between Crystal Waters Road and Evans Road, needs to be constructed.

    Walk Around Lake Country (WALC) and municipal/regional politicians should make immediate plans for construction of this link.

    What an opportunity for Lake Country!

  • Having hiked trails in England (“Coast to Coast”) and Switzerland (“TransSwiss 2 Trail”) that connect towns and cities, it would be nice to dream of an even longer connect through the valley. This is a great start.

  • This will be a dream come true and what a wonderful tourist attraction too. As we own a RV resort on Crystal Waters Road, this will make another great recreational activity for our guests. It will be exciting to be able to cycle to either Vernon or Winfield without venturing onto a busy highway. It will be a great family attraction.and a great opportunity for all the local residents too.

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