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Is the development of Lake Country important to you?

As the District of Lake Country approaches the 150th anniversary of European settlement, the Lake Country Cultural and Heritage Society (Lake Country Museum), District of Lake Country and Heritage Branch of the Province of BC want to know your thoughts and experiences regarding events, current or in the past, that you feel are formative in the development of the Lake Country area. 

Please take a few moments and complete the following questions and return to Owen Dickie by e-mail (, drop off your responses at the District of Lake Country Municipal Office, or leave a comment below.

Peopling The Land (Why did, and do, people want to live here?)

1.    What brought you, or your family, to Lake Country?

2.    Why do you stay?

Developing Economies (How and why is economic development important to Lake Country’s heritage?)

1.    What do you see as the significant economic developments that have been important to Lake Country’s development?

2.    What do you think will be the economic drivers that will provide the future basis for Lake Country’s development?

Governing the area, the province and the country.

1.    What was, and is, Lake Country’s role as an administrative centre?

Building social and community life

1.    What is special about the social and community life of Lake Country?

Intellectual and cultural life

1.    What is unique about Lake Country’s expressions of intellectual and cultural life?

Last Question!

1.    Why do you feel heritage conservation is important for Lake Country?

Thanks for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.  The results will have an impact on how Lake Country approaches its history and heritage now and in the future.

Owen Dickie, Oyama Ward Councillor

Lake Country


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