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9. Wentworth Cabin

This is the Wentworth cabin. It was constructed and lived in by the Wentworth brothers, Cyril and Joe when they came to Okanagan Centre from England. We believe the cabin was built in 1906 from a design by Northcote Caesar. The design is worth noting as the cabin was constructed without using any studs. The cabin stood on its original property, on the top ridge of Camp Road, until 1999. It was donated by Ron and Rosemary Carter (nee Wentworth) and was moved to its present location by the Lake Country/Winfield Lion’s Club. Most of the present furnishings of the cabin, which help recreate what it might have been like, were donated by Neville Sproule of Oyama. The loft, where the Wentworths would have slept, is accessible by ladder. Tools were hung on the wall—the most practical arrangement in such a small space. Cold storage, for such foods as butter and meat, was under the cabin, accessed through a flap in the floor. It was a simple and rugged way of life.