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1965: 1969 - Young Road

Young Road extends from Trask Road to Greenhow Road on the Oyama isthmus. It was constructed in 1969 (and paved in 1971) for Oyama’s first residential subdivision through Lot 27 and Parcel C, Sec. 12, TSP.14, Map 28 ODYD.  Note that the curve midway accommodates the 8% grade. It was, at that time, owned by Dick and Joyce Young. Joyce agreed to let Amry Development Ltd. (Alex McDonagh and Richard Young) subdivide 12 acres where Dick Young was raised provided that the main road be named Young.

In 1904, Dick Young’s uncle John owned the area from Kalamalka Lake to Wood Lake. When he died in 1905, his brother, Sam Young inherited it and built a cabin on what was known as Sam Young’s Island (now Kaloya Park). Sam sold the Island to E. Trask and the rest of the peninsula to H.P. Lee for Interlaken Orchard Subdivision. In 1907, he recovered Lot 27 where he raised the family who continued to farm it and up to 100 acres in the surrounding area.

Source: Joyce Young; Municipal Road Registry.