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1965: 1965 - Trewhitt Road West

Trewhitt Road West was established in 1965 when Arnold Trewhitt put a road in down to his lakeshore property. [Starting point: Oyama Road; Terminus: Dead end; Surface: Gravel. Subdivision Plans; 1001, 14201, 16655, 20727 22945 and Gazette Notice. Source: Lake Country Road Registry].

When Arnold retired in 1975 he and his wife, Gladys, built a home on part of his property on Ribbleworth Road. He sold the farm to his daughter and son-in-law, Teresa and Dave Starling, and another piece of his property on Ribbleworth Road, to his daughter and son-in-law, Trudy and Matt McKinnon.

At age 87 years (2011) Arnold still enjoys hiking and he is a member of the Walk Around Lake Country (W.A.L.C.) group who put in and maintain walking trails in Lake Country.

Source: Gladys Trewhitt.

NB: Gladys Trewhitt died on January 28, 2012.