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1900: 1900 - Spion Kop

We think that the man who first called our mountain Spion Kop, was Northcote Caesar’s brother, Leslie, a veteran of the Boer War after the Battle of Spion Kop. Certainly, it has been known to local residents by that name for close to 100 years.

The Battle of Spion Kop (Afrikaans: Slag van Spioenkop) was fought about 38 km. west-south-west of Ladysmith on the hilltop of Spioenkop along the Tugela River, Natal in South Africa. The battle was fought between Boer and British forces from 23-24 January 1900 as part of the Second Boer War, and resulted in a famous British defeat during the Boer War.

For details of this famous battle, see the article The Battle of Spion Kop in Wikipedia.