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1995: April 14, 1999 - Davidson Road School Expansion Work Starts

A design team started work on an expansion for Davidson Road Elementary School this week.

The expansion will take the form of a two-story addition to the existing school, creating classroom space to replace seven existing portables at the school. The expansion, says Principal Rolly Harvey, includes additional space for special education, and improved access for students in wheelchairs. Harvey says the expanded school will be more efficient than using the portables on the playing field to house part of the school population.

As well, Harvey notes, the expansion will provide enough classrooms to comply with smaller class size requirements in the future. A reduction in class sizes is expected to be on the table during the next round of contract negotiations between the provincial government and BC teachers. Anticipating the changes, the Ministry of Education is attempting to create sufficient classroom capacity across the province to accommodate pimary school class sizes as small as 18 students per class.

The school district has proposed a project completion date of September, 2000.

Source: The Calendar, April 14, 1999.