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1990: 1992 - Camp Arbuckle Ecological Trail

In 1992, an ecological trail was developed to help introduce drought resistant plants at Camp Arbuckle. In the spring of 1993 the Okanagan Professional Gardeners Association volunteered their time to plant about 75 trees and shrubs. The large shrubs were donated by Bill Stewart Bros. Nurseries.

In 1992, an addition to the existing kitchen at Camp Arbuckle was completed. The total cost of construction was $12,773.83 and funding was partly provided by a $3,500.00 grant from the Provincial Council of B. C. Girl Guides. The rest came from the Camp Arbuckle Account whose revenues came from camp rental fees and an assessment included in the girls’ registration fees.

Source: “Camp Arbuckle Then and Now and In Between 1948 to 1998”.

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