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Class: Chamomilla, Matricaria suaveolens, matricarioides
Sub Family: Asteraceae, Compositae
Year: Annual
Other Names:
Colour: Greenish-yellow
Height: 5-46 cm (2-18")
Each Flower: Round, cone-shaped, from 5-9 mm (3/16-3/8") across consisting of many tiny, tightly packed disk-flowers; bracts on involucre generally in 2 rows and about 5 mm (3/16") long with darker green central rib; flower-stems from 1.3 mm-2.5 cm (1/2-1") long with usually fringed leaflet below flowerheads
Leaves: On stem where it branches and up to 5 cm (2") long with several pairs of opposite finely-dissected leaflets
Stems: Tough, green, ridged, and angling as it branches
Blooming Period: May - September
Habitat: Waste places and poor ground on roadsides