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Class: Pedicularis groenlandica
Sub Family: Scrophulariaceae
Year: Perennial
Other Names: Little Red Elephant
Colour: Purplish-red
Height: 20-46 cm (8-18")
Each Flower: Shape of an elephant's trunk, 1.3 cm (1/2") long excluding trunk; upper hood extends into long trunk-like projection at least 1.3 cm (1/2") long, curled up at end; 3 broad, short petals, 2 wings and a lip, calyx with 5 pointed, purple sepals 7 mm (1/4") long; 4 stamens enclosed in base of trunk with long style extending through trunk and just visible at end; deeply cut green bract at base of each flower
Leaves: Mainly basal, 5-25 cm (2-10") long with many fine, serrated leaflets, smaller leaves scattered up stem
Stems: Green, succulent, purplish towards top
Blooming Period: July - August
Habitat: Open, marshy, boggy places at high elevations, from just below to just above timberline