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Class: Buglossoides arvensis
Sub Family: Boraginaceae
Year: Annual
Other Names:
Colour: White to bluish-white
Height: 10-70 cm (4-28")
Each Flower: Tubular, up to 3 mm (1/8") across and 8 mm (3/16") long, tube opening into 5 lobes; 5 stamens attached to lower part of tube; calyx composed of 5 narrow, pointed, hairy sepals
Leaves: Arranged alternately up stem, stalkless and becoming more crowded and lance-shaped, 1.5-5.9 cm (5/8-2 3/8") long and up to 7 mm (1/4") broad; all leaves covered with short hairs and have prominent midrib
Stems: Single or may be branched and may be in clumps; slightly ridged, stiffly haired, and often pinkish below
Blooming Period: April - June
Habitat: Wasteland, roadsides, and fields at lower elevations