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Collections: Artifacts

‘It’s a New Year’ is the latest Museum display at the District of Lake Country offices. Seven framed calendars from years past are featured. The oldest has a woman’s portrait and is from the Casorso Brothers in 1921. The others... [Continue Reading]

Remember climbing monkeys, tin windup toys, and plastic pop-up clowns? A collection of vintage toys is now on display at the District of Lake Country showcase to encourage you to reminisce about Christmases past. Several items, including dollhouse furnishings, were... [Continue Reading]

‘Preserving the Harvest’ highlights the popular practice of canning the abundant fruits and vegetables of Lake Country. On display are assorted vintage jars and kitchen implements, including jar lifters, jar pliers, and tongs. Packages of pectin, paraffin wax, and spices... [Continue Reading]

Many pioneers of Lake Country raised chickens to supplement their income and food supply. This month’s display at the municipal office features vintage egg scales, chicken leg bands, a brooder thermometer, and ‘Ful-o-Pep’ feed sack. There is also a Farm... [Continue Reading]

The first week of October is Fire Safety Week so it is fitting that this month’s display features the Lake Country Fire Departments. A collection of nostalgic photos and decommissioned fire equipment are on display. Winfield Fire Department kindly provided... [Continue Reading]

The Canadian National Railway between Vernon and Kelowna was completed in 1925 with stations located in Oyama and Winfield. The most recent display at the District of Lake Country Offices highlights the history of the railroad in the area. The... [Continue Reading]

The current display at the District of Lake Country office takes us into a medicine chest of the past. There is a ‘French Ivory’ grooming set consisting of brushes, buffing pads, and a nail file. French Ivory is a manmade... [Continue Reading]

The newest display at the District of Lake Country is ‘Celebrate Oyama’. It features photographs of Oyama during the early years. One picture shows the main street, a gravel road, with the Log Cabin Tea Room, Smith’s Store, and Oyama... [Continue Reading]

The display at the District of Lake Country offices features pieces from our dinnerware collection. The pattern is Wood and Sons’ ‘Yuan’ design, first registered in 1916. It was created by Frederick Rhead, who copied it from a Chinese plate... [Continue Reading]

The Lake Country Museum’s showcase at the District of Lake Country municipal office pays tribute to the upcoming Olympic Games with a winter sports display. There is a flag from the Calgary Olympic Torch Relay in 1988. Also featured is... [Continue Reading]