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Winter in Winfield

At the school bus
Mary White, Marg McCarthy and Dora Holitzki

Winfield in the 1930’s and early forties, had an elementary school, but for high school, students had to travel to Oyama. Mary White, whose parents had their home and orchard on Highway 97 near Berry Road, took many photos of life in the 30s and 40s, and has donated her albums to the Museum. Among them are these pictures of students waiting for the bus.

Waiting for the bus
Waiting for the school bus

Berry Road was then known as the Gully, or Gully Road. In winter, sleds and toboggans would travel at speed from Okanagan Centre Road East, down over the highway, past the post office, and hopefully come to a stop before hitting the creek below what is now the round about. A lookout would be stationed at the highway, and on a thumbs up, the sledder would careen through.

Gully Road in Winfield
Going down the Gully to school

Source: These photos are from the White Collection and are available at the Lake Country Museum and Archives.


  • Great story and thank you to Mary White for donating her albums.

    This is a reminder to former and present Lake Country residents to help preserve our history by donating their family photographs, letters and other memorabilia to the Museum.

  • We did the same thing, only on Robinson Road. We had many trips sledding down that old gravel road. It was a lot of fun.

  • I well remember walking up Gully Road from Winfield Elementary School to my Grandparents home on Okanagan Centre Road. At age 8 along with my friend Francis Dobson, who lived past my Grandpa & Grandma Holitzki’s. It was quite the adventure for us little girls. But well worth it, as Grandma would have a freshly baked treat waiting.

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