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What do you think?

This photo was taken on the shore of Kalamalka Lake at the Rainsford Ranch owned by George Goulding, likely in the pre-WW1 era.

Excursion to the lake
What’s the occasion?

George and his riding companion look distinctly out of place in their cowboy work clothes. The men possibly arrived by boat as the bow of one is seen at the right edge. George Goulding is on horseback in the middle of the photo. There are no women in this tour group and only one male child. Have they arrived from Vernon unannounced? Is this a tour group looking at property in the newly opened Interlaken subdivision shortly after the canal was opened? Are they being playful, each brandishing a stick of some kind? Two fellows are holding a bottle so there certainly is a social element to it. Some of the sticks appear to be dried Mullein trunks, evidence that that noxious weed was present as early as 1914. What can be said about the clothing? All sorts of inferences can be drawn. What do you think?


  • This photo was taken at Rattlesnake Point, now part of Crystal Waters, North of Oyama. The location is noted on the back of the original photo. The property was then owned by the Rev. Campbell-Brown.

    The men are most likely setting off on a rattlesnake hunt. The forked sticks being used to capture and hold the snakes. The event would certainly have been a semi-social occasion, and I’m sure a good time was had by all, except, perhaps, by the snakes.
    Laura Neame
    Lake Country

  • Thanks for this information, Laura. Sounds reasonable!

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