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6. Nellie Carter Room (Tool Room 3)

The Nellie Carter Room was named after the woman who was a long time janitor in this building when it was still Okanagan Centre School. This room holds exhibits of tools and pictures relating to the outdoors. There is a weather station and the photos of the couple that maintained the records for 50 years. This represents the weather. Next is an irrigation exhibit which contains a wooden irrigation pipe and pictures of the beginnings of irrigation here. This leads to exhibits of packing houses, a fine collection of wooden apple boxes and the paraphernalia for making boxes and processing a crop. There are exhibits of hand logging equipment, ranching equipment, and carpentry hand tools that belonged to Teddy Hare, an early builder here. There is an exhibit of “car jewelry” such as hood ornaments and trailer hitch decorations. Some of the pictures represent ranching activities.