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The Lake of Many Colors (a common name for Kalamalka Lake)

Oft on a clear, fresh summer morn

I’ve stood as one deep-rooted to the ground

And gazed and gazed upon its loveliness;

Taking a deep draught to my thirsty soul.

It was the lake of many colors and I thought

No man can rob me of this gem – all else may go;

Sports, pleasures pastimes – but this will remain

Constant in friendship and unfailing cheer;

Leave it, come back to it – ‘tis always dear.

Most Eastern Races have a strong belief

That woodland, mountain, lake and stream

Has each its own inhabitant –

Sprite, gnome or fairy – if that’s so

That Lake of Many Colors must enshrine

Some super-spirit, beautiful Divine.

… A. V. Despard1

Kalamalka Lake
Kalamalka Lake, commonly known as The Lake of Many Colours2

1 A. V. Despard in Songs of Kalamalka, Collected and arranged by Dorothea Allison, Oyama, BC: Vernon News Ltd. Printers, 1944, p.8.

2 David Madison. Aerial Imaging. Kaloya Park on Kalamalka Lake in Lake Country (Oyama). Photo available through the Lake Country Museum & Archives’ David Madison Album.


  • I am so thrilled to see this photograph with all the turquoise — is this because of all the glacial clay at the bottom? WE love this lake and so do every one of our visitors — thousands of photos taken for sure.

    Sharon Leveque

    • Yes, Sharon, Kalamalka Lake is beautiful!
      With regard to the colouration of the Lake you may want to refer to a previous blog post Why is Kal Lake green? by Carmen Weld of Castanet.

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