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Robert Allison

Some months after Dorothea Scott-Coward wed Robert Allison1 she wrote to her sister, Mib (Milborough Mackay), about being a newlywed in a lonely new country. In the letter she tells of the wedding itself (on the doorstep of the church because she was marrying a... [Continue Reading]

In June 2013 a blog was posted about a letter from Okanagan Centre written by pioneer Dorothea Scott-Coward. That post, and the letter it contained, initiated a number of interesting responses — one from a relative in the UK. Now, a collection of these letters has... [Continue Reading]

The Lake Country Museum and Archives received this wonderful photograph from Mary Bailey (née Ellison). Through Gladys Trewhitt’s album on Oyama history we have identified all of the folks in the photo. The photograph was taken on August 12, 1958,... [Continue Reading]