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Special Christmas gifts

It’s that time of year again when one is searching for meaningful gifts for the holiday season. Two gifts of special importance are a donation to the Okanagan Rail Trail and the purchase of the publication, Okanagan History by the Okanagan Historical Society.

The Gift-a-Metre to the Okanagan Rail Trail emphasizes that donations of any amount are important. Added together, donations large and small will fund metres and kilometres of trail construction.

These donations can be made by mail or in person to the Community Foundation of the North Okanagan or the Central Okanagan Foundation. They, of course, can also be made online at the Okanagan Rail Trail. Tax receipts are available for donations greater than $25.

OHS ReportOkanagan History, the 81st Report of the Okanagan Historical Society, is now available.  This book, the latest offering of the OHS, chronicles human and natural history of the Okanagan Valley and South Central British Columbia.

This fine history book is divided into five sections:

  • First World War
  • First Nations
  • People & Events
  • Lives Remembered
  • Society Business

The First World War section includes “Canada in First World War” by Kelowna historian and author Sharron J. Simpson. Mabel Lake resident Joan Cowan recounts a relatively-unknown aspect of our history in “Mara Lake Internment Camp” and includes some remarkable photographs. “Air Battle over Belgium, May 4, 1916”, by Eddy Lambrechy and David Gregory, is a rare and detailed account of an air battle in 1916.

Hannah Clark provides insight into First Nations school curriculum in “Native Education”, a detailed examination into the development and implementation of this important aspect of our public school curriculum. “I am David” by David Gregoire provides a firsthand account of growing up on the Okanagan Indian Reserve, including  important familial and cultural influences which have shaped his life.

People & Events includes a number of well-researched articles, including:

  • The 1927 Central Okanagan polio epidemic, which extended into present-day Lake Country, authored by Bob Hayes
  • Ken Koyama’s article “Japanese Maple, Prisoner of War in the Okanagan Valley”
  • An extensive biography of Similkameen pioneer Edward Richter
  • A detailed account of the grape growing and winemaking industries in the Okanagan Valley, by Lynn and John Bremmer
  • A description of several small Central Okanagan cemeteries and burials which were not in registered burial grounds, by Sharron J. Simpson

Lives Remembered provides short accounts of some Okanagan residents who have passed away in the last year: more than 30 people from the Central Okanagan, including several people from Lake Country.

Copies of the 81st Report of Okanagan History can be purchased from Lake Country Museum & Archives Director Bob Hayes at (250) 763–8859. When purchased from Bob, the cost is $25.00, with no taxes being applicable. The Report would make a perfect present for that special person on your Christmas gift list. Please call or e-mail Bob ( ) and he will tell you more about the Report and try to arrange to get the book to you.


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