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History Panels along Okanagan Rail Trail
In the near future our Lake Country Museum & Archives will be rolling out new marker panels celebrating our area’s short... [Read more]
QR Codes and the Lake Country Museum
The Lake Country Museum has affixed QR Codes to their business cards, displays, historical markers and signage in order to enable... [Read more]

Lake Country Museum Pages

What We Do
The Lake Country Museum is dedicated to preserving our history  (view our collections policies) and presenting it to our visitors as... [Read more]


Vol. 4, No. 3 Fall 2010
Report from the President, Eliza Swallwell biography, Historical Markers 


Historical Marker: Carr's Landing
There is an Historical Marker in Marshall Park at Carr's Landing. Marshall Park is at the road end, just north of... [Read more][View PDF]
Historical Marker: Okanagan Centre
The Historical Marker for Okanagan Centre is located on Okanagan Centre Road West, at 4th Street, near the Okanagan Centre Store. In... [Read more]
Historical Marker: Oyama
The Historical Marker for Oyama is located off Oyama Road beside the Oyama Community Hall. In 2011 interpretive Historical Markers were installed... [Read more]
Historical Marker: Winfield
There are two Historical Markers in Winfield. One is located on Berry Road, near the roundabout below Highway 97. The second,... [Read more]