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Lake Country: Origins in Time and Place — Student Book

Student book

The Lake Country Museum & Archives has developed an inquiry-based student book and teacher’s guide about the history of Lake Country, British Columbia. The stories follow the events and sites in Lake Country that convey a sense of the past and reflect the stories of the people who have lived there.

Lake Country: Origins in Time and Place follows the pedagogical approach of inquiry-based learning with a focus on the six historical thinking concepts:

  • Establish historical significance
  • Use primary source evidence
  • Identify continuity and change
  • Analyze cause and consequence
  • Take historical perspectives
  • Understand the ethical dimension of historical interpretations

The lesson plans and student activities include materials that highlight the people and events that are significant to our local community, using inquiry-based learning of Socratic questions and research using primary source material. The Teachers Guide DVD includes authentic reproductions of primary source documents, with the original documents available to teachers and students through the LCMA Archives. A Discovery Kit of authentic artifacts relating to each of the stories is available for sign out through the Lake Country Museum.

The big ideas that the stories examine include:

  • The past can be viewed through the stories of significant people, places, events, and objects.
  • Communities consist of people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives.
  • Communities are interconnected with their natural environment.
  • Cultural knowledge can be passed down through oral history, traditions, and collective memory.
  • The development of natural resources and technological progress has shaped the economy and natural environment of this region.

The Lake Country Museum & Archives features artifacts and historic photographs from the District of Lake Country’s earliest days and maintains a comprehensive archive for researchers. Through its exhibits and archives, the Museum tells the story of Lake Country and its four wards of Winfield, Oyama, Carr’s Landing, and Okanagan Centre. Exhibits and collections include the histories of the orchard, wine, and ranching industries, turn of the century living, Okanagan Syilx history, and collections from the early Japanese community.