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Display: Historic Service Stations of Lake Country

Early Service Stations of Lake CountryHistoric Service Stations of Lake Country is the latest display at the District of Lake Country municipal office. The display features numerous artifacts from the automobile section of the Museum. There is a colourful collection of tins popular in garages of the past. The famous ‘flying red horse’ logo from Mobil Oil is a dominant part of the display. There is also a Licence to Drive a Motor Car issued in 1907. Pictures show Petrie’s, Log Cabin, Union, Lakeshore, Woodsdale, Gleed’s, and Schubert’s gas stations. Historical gasoline trivia includes information on the price of gas in 1910 (7¢ per gallon), the first gas station in Canada (located in Vancouver in 1907), and the skyrocketing price of gasoline in the 1970s (from 54¢ per gallon to over $1.00 in less than a decade).

The display was created by Karen and Glen Gibbons, volunteers at the Lake Country Museum.