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Display: Christmas ornaments

Movember is over!

2015 Christmas Display
Historical ornaments on display. Click to enlarge.

The current exhibit at the District of Lake Country offices features 70 glass Christmas tree ornaments. Most of them are molded glass and hand-painted. Some of the ornaments have interesting shapes including cones, bells, a fruit basket, and a birdcage. Others have ornate indentations. Historically, the first glass tree ornaments were handblown in Germany during the end of the 19th century. F.W. Woolworth imported huge numbers of them into North America. In 1925 Japan started producing ornaments followed by the Czech Republic and several other countries. The Corning Company of New York, in consultation with Woolworth, started mass producing ornaments during the 1940s.

Once again, many thanks to Museum volunteer Karen Gibbons for creating this beautiful exhibit in the Lake Country Museum and Archives’ satellite museum at the offices of the District of Lake Country.