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Archives: Swiss Village Resort

In May, 1947, Swiss musician Gérard (Gerry) Monod immigrated to Canada. He found that the Okanagan reminded him of Switzerland so in 1950 he bought almost 200 acres of land along the western shore of Wood Lake and began building the Swiss Village Resort.  In 1954 he brought his new bride, Alys Monod (née Chubbuck), to his resort in the Okanagan.

The Swiss Village Resort
The Swiss Village Resort and a biography of its creator Gerry Monod (1914-1980).

In July 2008 Alys Monod prepared a document (with a large collection of photographs) entitled THE SWISS VILLAGE RESORT and a biography of its creator GERRY MONOD (1914-1980). A pioneer skier in Banff, Sunshine Village and Silver Star Mountain Resort. This 93 page document is available in PDF format at the Lake Country Museum and Archives. (Click to enlarge)

To view a small collection of the photographs go to our Photo Gallery.