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Okanagan Rail Trail — picking up the spikes and plates

One can see the progress — the Okanagan Rail Trail is happening!

After removing the tracks1 in January 2016, the Canadian National Railway (CNR) has now picked up the other metal — the spikes and plates. Progress was exciting to watch this past week as the equipment with the magnetic lift moved along the  old rail bed between Kelowna and Coldstream in preparation for the Okanagan Rail Trail.

Removing the metal
Using a magnetic plate to remove the metal from the old CNR rail bed.
Removing the metal
Magnetic plate picks up the spikes and plates.
Removing the metal
The CNR removes the metal in preparation for the Okanagan Rail Trail.2

Watch the action!3   2016 03 Rail Trail Electromagnets

1 Video (removing rails) by Carol Thomson.
2 Photographs by Duane Thomson.
3 Video (removing metal) by Sandra Harder.


  • I’m so glad that you took pictures of this. They
    will go to the museum archives, I’m sure.

  • Absolutely! What a historic event we are witnessing.

  • Used to walk down the tracks from our place and then climb up the hill to see you Duane (that was a long time ago)

  • Hi Don. Yes, it was a long time ago and those distances are shrinking. Imagine cycling around Wood Lake in safety and with little effort. People will be able to see territory that was nearly inaccessible to us.

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