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Mystery curlers identified!

Thanks to the sharp eyes of Liz and Ken Ellison of the Greater Vernon Museum & Archives the mysterious curlers of Long (Kalamalka) Lake have been identified. Liz contacted the Lake Country Museum and Archives with these identifications:

Curlers left to right: Walter Rea, Henry Irvine, Charlie Moore, and Rev. A. V. (Arthur Vandeleur) Despard.

Curling on Kalamalka Lake
Curling on Long (Kalamalka) Lake. Click to enlarge.

Thanks also go out to Oyama pioneer Arnold Trewhitt who remembers that the brooms used were actual curling brooms, not household brooms as was presumed on the initial blog post.


  • Really enjoy these historic photos . Keep up the good work

    • Thanks for the feedback.

      If you have some interesting photographs of Lake Country people and places we’d love to feature them as well.

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