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Learn options for family heirlooms

“The Vernon Museum will host a community discussion next month on the kind of items curators are interested in adding to their collection.

When people downsize or inherit family items, they’re often interested in donating them to the museum to ensure their preservation.

‘When I go out into the community, the most common question I hear has to do with whether the museum is interested in their collection, heirlooms or family papers’, says education co-ordinator Gabriel Newman.

‘These items not only have intrinsic value, but they also have emotional value, and people want to see their items go somewhere where they will be appreciated,’ Newman said.

‘While the museum cannot accept every item offered because of our collection policy, I wanted to put this panel together to help give people some options,’ Newman said.

Other museum staff who will attend the January 13, 2018 discussion include registrar Jesslyn Jarvis and archivist Barbara Bell. Taylor Saunders from Heirloom Antiques will talk about the options for selling old items, and Ian Hates from Davison Pringle law firm will discuss legal ramifications and how estate law comes into play.

The discussion will run from 2 to 3:30 p.m. at the Vernon Museum. Cost is $5 at the door.

Space is limited, so call 250-542-3142 to reserve a spot.”1

Many people, when organizing, moving and/or downsizing, wonder what to do with family items including artifacts, photographs, paintings, military memorabilia, etc. This panel discussion will undoubtedly be helpful in making these decisions.

Additional blog posts on this topic will appear in January 2018: Family treasures on January 12th, and Preserving [photographic] memories on January 19th.

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Editor’s note: For an interesting article on this topic see The New York Times article Aging parents with lots of stuff, and children who don’t want it.


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