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Lake Country Pioneers

Oyama pioneers
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The Lake Country Museum and Archives received this wonderful photograph from Mary Bailey (née Ellison). Through Gladys Trewhitt’s album on Oyama history we have identified all of the folks in the photo.

The photograph was taken on August 12, 1958, marking the centenary of the creation of the Colony of British Columbia. Lake Country pioneers were presented with scrolls recognizing their contributions to the development of BC.

The assembled residents are, from Left to Right:

Back row: Floyd Whipple, Mr. Moses and Mrs. Moses

Second row: Mrs. Gladys Powley (née Adams), Mr. Wilton R. Powley, Mrs. Edna Griffiths, Mr. Blaine Griffiths, Mrs. Florence Jane Quine

Third row: Mrs. Phyllis Wynne, Mrs. Ethel Towgood, Mr. Arthur S. Towgood, Mr. Robert Allison, Mrs. Dorothea Allison

Front row: Mr. Sam Tyndall, Mrs. Doris Tyndall, Mrs. John Waters, Mr. Denbei Kobayashi

The Museum has records of some of these Lake Country residents but would appreciate assistance with some details of the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Moses and Mrs. John Waters (likely of Oyama). Most people attending this ceremony were from Oyama, but the Tyndalls, the Powleys and Denbei Kobayashi were from Winfield and Okanagan Centre. 

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  • How great to see the photograph, as many of the names were familiar but i’d never seen their faces!

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