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Influx of students for Oyama school

July 10, 1919   The Vernon News

“Mr. H. B. Thomson of Indian Head, Saskatchewan, with his family arrived in Oyama last Friday, having motored the entire way, coming through the States. Mr. Thomson has bought the Nelson Ranch and will make his home there. We are very pleased to extend a welcome to our new neighbours, and also to his six children who will, no doubt, swell the ranks of our school. This is undoubtedly an ideal place for children, the climate being as near to perfect as it is possible to be.”

H.B. Thomson family en route to BC. Click to enlarge photograph.

Ira Thomson, 12 1/2, on the right in his Boy Scout uniform. Frank, nearly 11, sitting in front of his mother, Nina Thomson. Roma, 9, sitting in front of the car, pouting. Charlie, over 7 years, dressed in shorts , standing in front. Harold, not yet 6, sitting beside Harry. Orma, the 18 month old baby, on H.B. (Harry) Thomson’s lap. The nurse who accompanied them in exchange for the ride west is standing in the rear.


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