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1990: 1994, April - Winfield Plaza

On its second attempt at bat, a rezoning application for property immediately north of Hill Road in Winfield has been approved by the Central Okanagan Regional District Board.

The application, by R & L. Johnston and B. & J. Wood (Winfield Plaza Ltd.), was held up three weeks ago due to a dispute over the funding arrangements for a proposed Winfield main street near the property.

The property has now been rezoned from C-4 (Service Commercial) to C-1 (Business Commercial). Part of the property is already occupied by the A & W Restaurant. The eastern portion of the property, beyond the existing parking lot, can now be developed as a shopping plaza.

After approving the rezoning, the Regional Board also approved a permit for the development of the shopping plaza.

Source: The Calendar, April 13, 1994.